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20 facts about the history of Amazon

MEXICO CITY.- Amazon began online sales in the United States in 1994, began as a company that sold books, but gradually grew the business to become one of the most important retailers in the world.

In the United States you can buy from toilet paper to tuna cans, so, many people no longer have to go to the supermarket, but buy what is necessary in the online store.

Jeff Bezos is the entrepreneur who founded Amazon, and in part, thanks to him, we understand electronic commerce as it is today. For the 20 years of Amazon , we present 20 facts about this company that recently started operations in Mexico.

1. An impossible baby

Jeff Bezos once said that, when he was three years old, he disarmed his crib with a screwdriver because he wanted to sleep like a big boy.

2. Jeff Bezos’ father was a circus actor

His biological father, Ted Jorgensen, was a unicycle tightrope walker, who distanced himself from his family when Jeff was a teenager and his mother left him to remarry. Currently, Ted Jorgensen has a small bicycle shop in Arizona.

3. Humble origins

Amazon belongs to that list of technology companies that started in garages. In this case, Jeff Bezos opened his office in the garage of his home in Bellevue, Washington.

4. The first sale

Amazon’s first sale was the book ‘Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies’ , an investigation into artificial intelligence and machine learning. This happened on April 3, 1995.

5. The play on words

The original name of the company was going to be Cadabra (like the word ‘Abracadabra’), but I soon dismiss the idea because it referred to ‘corpse’. Another name he contemplated was, an address that currently redirects Amazon .

6. Kindle also had another name

The key name of the Kindle while it was developing was Fiona , which, referred to the character name of the novel ‘The Diamond Age’ by Neal Stephenson. In the science fiction book there is an interactive book.

7. In Amazon there are no traditional meetings

PowerPoint presentations are prohibited in the company. Instead, all meetings are silent, with a 30-minute session in which attendees read on the subject. This emphasizes critical thinking.

8. Two teams divided by pizzas

The company promotes teamwork, but suggests that the number of members in each project is limited by the number of people who, in theory, can eat two pizzas .

9. Tables made with doors

In the early days of Amazon , the company built desks with doors cutin two by four, because they were cheaper. Currently, the company has the “Door Desk Award” for the employee who contributes the ideas that help them save more.

10. They are not so generous

Contrary to companies that offer great benefits to their employees. The opposite is true at Amazon , the cafeteria food is not subsidized, the lights have been removed from the candy machines to save energy. The new ones receive a backpack that contains a power adapter, orientation materials and a laptop port. When they resign they must return it.

11. A practical approach

The public can ask Bezos at . When a fully valid complaint arrives, he forwards the mail to his closest employees with a ‘?’ In the body of the message.

12. Some phrases of anger

Jeff Bezos is also known for his attacks of anger against his colleagues. According to former employees, some of his phrases are: ‘Excuse me, I took my stupidity pills today?’ , and ‘If I hear that idea again, I’m going to have to kill myself.’

13. The Gladiator culture

In one of the company’s hiring principles it is said “leaders will present problems or information, even if it is uncomfortable or embarrassing”. Jeff Bezos prefers “an atmosphere of confrontation, with constant friction.”

14. Bezos’s laugh

Biographer Brad Stone has described Bezos’s laugh as “a mixture between a mating elephant and a power tool.”

15. The only

MacKenzie , Bezos’ wife, met him when he worked in hedge funds in the nineties. In 2013, she told Vogue “our offices were together, and all day long I heard her fabulous laugh”. Then he asked himself, “How could I not fall in love with that laugh?”

16. Star graduates

Former employees of Amazon left to found their own companies. Jason Kilar founded Hulu and Vassel, and Charlie Cheever, developed Quora.

17. Many acquisitions

Amazon’s biggest purchase so far is Zappos , when acquiring the company at 1.2 billion. The company’s portfolio includes Audible, IMBD, and most recently, Twitch. In an unexpected move, Bezos bought The Washington Post at 250 million in 2013.

18. Alternate projects

In 2000, Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin , a space travel company. In addition, it also tops the construction of the 10,000-year clock inside a mountain in West Texas.

19. The errors

For an e-commerce company, technical difficulties can be fatal. When the Amazon site went down for 40 minutes in 2013, the company reported losses of 4.8 million .

20. Is it a profitable company?

Although Amazon currently reports very lucrative profits, this situation has not always been the case. The company had a time when it was not profitable. Because of this, several investors have complained about this fact for years, while others are celebrating the explosive growth of sales and attracting more investment.

Since its founding 22 years ago, Amazon has reached near mythic status for its superior service and customer service strategy.

Says company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos: “I would define Amazon by our big ideas, which are customer centricity, putting the customer at the center of everything we do, [and] invention. We like to pioneer, we like to explore, we like to go down dark alleys and see what’s on the other side.”

Now it’s time for you to leverage what Amazon has learned works — and doesn’t — to take advantage of their top customer service and customer experience strategies for your organization. And remember — no matter what industry or business you’re in, you’re competing with Amazon’s customer experience in the eyes of your customers anyhow — so you should consider adapting some these practices for your brand.

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