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Understanding the Customer Avatar and Step by Step Guide to Create it for Your Business.

To be successful in business or to sell more first you need to understand who your Customer is. Without knowing your ideal customer you can sell nothing. Most of the beginner startups or marketers fail here. They focus on selling and selling without knowing exactly who their customer is. It is very important to create your customer avatar.

To understand easily, a customer avatar is the detail of your ideal customer. For ex. Who is he/she, his/her age, where does he/she leaves, annual income, what is his/her challenges, etc I will talk in detail about this below.

If you are doing business or selling something you need a customer avatar. Business size doesn’t matter. for customer avatar. If you are running a multi million dollar company you need to understand better who your ideal customers are. What they do, what are their goals, what are their pain points, what are their expenses, are they married/single? Simply if you are selling a pen you also need a customer avatar. For example, you need to understand who buys your pen, are the college students or business professionals, how much they spend in pen so that you can have a clear idea about the type & cost of the pen you sell to that location.

Besides these you can do much more things with your customer avatar. It would be more helpful in your content marketing strategy and product development. By having a customer avatar you know their goals, challenges, what they are interested in and you can blast email, write a blog & engage in social media with the relevant topic your customer likes. You can also send the promotional content relevant to them.

It is very hard to develop a product without having a customer avatar and almost all product fails developed without having the customer avatar. For example if you are planning to open the tuition institutions in jaipur, and you planned to start with a science faculty and you created the course for it. But after launching the course you realized that the no. of science students is pretty low compared to commerce. This is what happens when you develop the product without having your customer avatar.

I think now you know what a customer avatar is and its importance in your business. Are you excited to create a customer avatar for your business? Let’s go right away. Build your customer avatar in easy steps.

Here is what I got after gathering all the data and reviewing it.

Gender: Male
Age Group: 35–44
Location: Kathmandu
Annual Income: 10–15 Lakhs
Business: Manufacturing
Annual Revenue: 81 Lakhs - 1 crore
Business Started: 3+ years
Goals: To provide the quality product and add new plant in new place
1. To launch the product in new place
2. Sometimes the product get too much stock and sometime it is hard to fulfill the order.

You might get confused by seeing my above customer avatar, my business is B2B so I should make the customer avatar for every business. The above avatar if for small manufacturing business.

I hope now you would be able to make the customer avatar for your business. If you still have any confusion comment below, I might help you creating customer avatar for your business.

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