A React Material UI Library to Build Any Form With Only JSON Config

Suppose we want to create a form to collect shipping address. Here’s how we can replicate the form below with just JSON config and the open-source library I built…


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I found a Comrade to Follow Success

We always think that we have an idea, can conquer this world and can accomplish what we want easily, as my idea is phenomenon. All the great Entrepreneurs, successful person have such ideas and they have become succeeded in life. By having this perception, we spectates that we are going to become as successful as those great personalities were. But we have no idea of the key ingredient of their success.

I was a type of person who have a lot of ideas but can’t have too much implementation power. I was lagging in too many things due to this habit and was in dreams to become my desired person but these words changed my approach of thinking. After fellowship, i joined Amal as an ambassador worked a lot as a volunteer. We had a last day, i came to Benje Williams (CEO of Amal Academy, an Acumen fellow) and had some meeting about my future goals, he gave some instructions and some guidance to make a mark in life. After that i ask write down one advice or suggestion for future and he just wrote “KAM KAM OUR KAM”

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