What is safety?

While it may seem an annoyingly philosophical question, I would challenge you to consider how critically important the feeling of safety is right now. Our emotions, and therefore our actions, are…


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How to Learn Photoshop Online

These quick Photoshop tutorials and full-length premium courses can turn you into a master of image editing.

Most online Photoshop courses focus on image editing and design, and those are the most marketable skills related to app. But you can also find courses for very specific applications, such as web design or portrait retouching. Even if you don’t go through the whole course, you can often refer back to a particular lesson on a Photoshop technique that’s slipping your mind.

This company mostly serves the developer and IT communities, but it does offer excellent training for creative designers as well. Normally, there’s a 10-day free trial, with paid personal accounts costing…

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